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How to improve the work of your field service team? Meet Resco Field Service 2.

What does Field Service mean?

Field service is a process of managing assets and resources deployed out in the field – at the customer, public, or other third-party locations. In the overwhelming majority of cases, Field Service refers to sending field workers to specific locations to install, repair, or maintain equipment or IT systems. 

The first association with the concept of field service is for example a technician installing a fiber optic cable or a service technician repairing an assembly line in a factory, but it applies to many industries such as construction, healthcare, FMCG, and many others.

The flow of communication between the person responsible for the management and the team has always been the main problem in managing a team performing their duties in the field. It was and still remains the cause of misunderstandings, delays, and mistakes, which translate into a decrease in work efficiency.

The answer to this set of problems turned out to be the development of real-time data mobile technologies, which led to the development of Field Service Mobile (FSM) solutions for managing fieldwork.

Therefore, if a given organization needs to coordinate the work of the team, manage logistics, allocate resources, plan work, and use equipment in the field, various FSM solutions are available, such as Resco Field Service 2.0. It also allows to manage it in the context of the business model and business processes of each organization.

Key statistics for the Field Service industry

Global field service market

The size of the global application market for fieldwork management applications is expected to grow from $ 3.0 billion in 2020 to $ 5.1 billion by 2025.

The main factors driving the growth of this market are the growing demand for mobility with IoT, the need to take predictive maintenance activities, and the increasing use of comprehensive applications based on cloud computing.

Operation management across field service organizations

Today, 52% of field service companies continue to use traditional methods to manage their business. Only 48% of companies providing field services use software designed for fieldwork management, of which 77% use only stationary solutions (on-premise). This means that it is an opportunity to gain a significant competitive advantage.

Company field service software needs

80% of companies that decide to start using a mobile application designed to manage employees in the field – do it because of the desire to improve the efficiency and speed of work of their employees. 44% say it is needed due to the high market pressure from competitors, while 41% of organizations choose to use this type of solution to support the constantly growing number of incoming service calls.

Technicians’ challenges

The service technicians themselves point the key challenges of maintaining smooth and error-free communication and constant access to information that is necessary for the successful completion of service work during the first visit.

54% of service technicians expect better access to a given customer’s service history before a visit. 52 and 48% also declared that they would need online access to service manuals and a knowledge base. And 42% of service technicians said they had insufficient visibility into the spare parts inventory they had with them.

5 technological innovation’s for 2021 and beyond

A greater focus on predictive & proactive maintenance

This means carrying out predictive and conservative works, and repairing equipment before it breaks down. It is possible thanks to the data in the system and the analysis of historical faults occurring in a given type of equipment.

It is also crucial to monitor if the customer or service company has the correct replacement part so that it can be ordered in advance if necessary. Thanks to this the client doesn’t have to stop the production at an unexpected moment what can translate into saving important business opportunities and guarantees stable company efficiency.

Better use of analytical data

To keep up with the competition, field service companies will need to use data analytics. Detailed analytical systems will help to quickly identify recurring problems, find solutions, improve employee productivity, and build greater customer satisfaction.

Collecting information on order flow, problems, solutions, and the quality of service technicians’ work will help the company develop an optimal strategy, refine repair procedures and overall customer relations.

Work organization supported by AR and AI

The share of tools using AI in work planning will gradually increase. Gartner expects that in the near future, AI may be responsible for up to 20% of the planning and management of work orders.

At the same time, some field service companies already use AR to a large extent to facilitate the work of their service technicians, both during repairs and training. In addition, voice-activated intelligent assistants will also play a role, operating in a similar way as the popular Alexa or Siri, which can additionally facilitate the work of service technicians by providing them with the necessary information without interrupting repair work.

New habits of the younger generation

Year after year, more and more employees on the market are people who grew up with modern technology, which was with them from birth or very early youth. Digital natives have completely different habits and a different degree of openness to using modern software, artificial intelligence, applications, mobile devices and augmented reality.

They will learn using these tools and develop new skills very quickly. Therefore, it is assumed that the ease of implementation of new technologies among employees will increase.

Significant increase in the use of mobile applications

According to the report of leading market researchers at Gartner, in the coming years, the share of Field Service companies that use mobile applications will increase from the current approx. 11% to 75%. The use of these applications is primarily to improve their efficiency and shorten the response time when handling customer service requests.

What is Resco Field Service 2.0?

Since 2015 Resco has been filling the gap when it comes to a mobile application for Dynamics 365 Field Service with an app called Xamarin. Microsoft’s Xamarin application was built entirely on Resco solutions and has been included with every Dynamics 365 Field Service license since 2018. On June 30, 2022, the Xamarin app will be retired and replaced by the newer app in the Dynamics 365 family.

In June 2020 Resco launched Resco Field Service 2.0 to ensure business continuity for companies already using Xamarin.

Resco Field Service 2.0 ensures the continuity of field service operations, without the need to switch to another technology, change tools or make major changes to the configuration of mobile devices already used in the field.

The key advantages of Resco Field Service 2.0:

In addition to capabilities available in the Xamarin app, with Resco Field Service 2.0 you can utilize:

  • Resco Inspections — create and use dynamic forms for quick data collection and evaluation,
  • Resco Houston AR Remote Assistance — standardized work instructions and remote assistance with AR support,
  • Market-leading offline mode and extensive synchronization possibilities,
  • Tailored branding across the entire app,
  • Ability to create and generate custom reports directly on mobile devices,
  • Voice-operated RealWear devices.

Comprehensive experience

From smartphone to tablet, from tablet to watch, and back to the smartphone. We are getting used to the smooth movement between different devices, it is slowly becoming our routine that we can use the same application on multiple devices while using the same, synchronized and consistent data.

With Resco Field Service 2.0, these possibilities are also available in the Field Service industry. When traveling to a customer’s site, the service technician can use a tablet, for example, to receive directions to the customer’s location. On-site, he can fill out a service form on his phone and take a few photos to attach to the request. And if, for example, he has to climb to the roof to repair the antenna, he can leave all these devices in the car and dictate notes using his smartwatch.

Field Service 2.0 applications run on the above-mentioned devices (as well as PCs and laptops, or HoloLens) and can be used in countless scenarios, on the way to the client, at the client’s site, and many others.

Make sense of what’s happening in the field

Data collection is pointless if it has no purpose. Stacks of paper sheets or data stored in Excel will not make a technological revolution in your company.

Compared to today’s possibilities – relying on the above-mentioned solutions will lead to communication with significant delay, poor flow of information, poorer quality of cooperation between employees, and decrease in productivity.

The key to efficient customer service is mobile data availability for all users. Service engineers must be able to view service history, manuals, or spare parts inventory. At the same time, they need a reliable and efficient way of communicating information from the field to the back office.

Mobile applications as part of Field Service 2.0 provide the above-mentioned functionalities. They enable direct connection to Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Resco Cloud in order to synchronize all collected data. Data can be immediately reviewed and assessed by managers and analytical teams, enabling precise responses to unexpected situations. It is also possible to propose changes to existing processes based on, for example, recurring problems that will be caught thanks to data analysis.

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Augmented reality and interactive video calls – use the potential of AR, thanks to Resco applications

The Slovak company Resco provides its customers with many mobile solutions extending the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Its flagship product – Resco Mobile CRM is an innovative solution facilitating field work with the mobile CRM system.

Other important Resco applications based on Resco Mobile CRM include Resco Inspections, Resco Mobiles Sales, Resco Field Service or Resco Routes – more information about most of them can be found in the articles on our website.

General overview of Resco products

Resco Mobile Sales

Resco Inspections

Resco Routes

Today we would like to discuss the potential and possibilities of using augmented reality basing on innovative solutions provided by Resco.

Resco Houston

Resco Houston is a video-based remote assistance feature that connects the user, usually a technician who is currently working in the field, with a remote expert who can advise him on how to fix the problem.

The recipient of the call can draw instructions on video, using augmented reality, to clearly help the technician, speed up the repair process and reduce downtime for a machine or device that has broken down. The ability to visually visualize the problem significantly facilitates communication and avoids misunderstandings that could occur in the case of traditional telephone contact.

Access to Houston is included under the Standard license and the Inspections license. You can use it using an ordinary iOS and Android smartphone, as well as from the level of a web application.

To use augmented reality, your device must support one of the following features:

– ARKit for Apple devices – requires iOS 11 or later,

– ARCore for devices running on Android,

In case of the absence of AR support, video calling functionality can still be used, but the expert helping the tech person has no way to draw on video.

Importantly – the recipient’s mobile device does not need to use ARKit to draw on the film. Resco Houston can run on the backend of Resco Cloud, Dynamics and SalesForce.

Use of HoloLens

The use of a video connection from the smartphone level significantly facilitates cooperation between the substantive support, which works from the company’s headquarters, and the technical people working in the field. However, this is not the peak of the Resco application.

Both Resco Mobile CRM, but also other Resco mobile applications, such as Resco Inspections, can use the enormous potential of Microsoft HoloLens, far beyond the capabilities of the above-described drawing on a video image. Below are examples of a few industries in which the use of HoloLens and Resco applications may be of particular importance.


In the aerospace industry, precision, accuracy and consistency are of particular importance. The requirements for the quality of repair and maintenance work are enormous. So is the responsibility of those who carry them out. The size and complexity of the controlled object are also a huge obstacle in cooperation, which significantly hinder the team from cooperating and performing tasks synchronously. In the case of the possibility of sharing and cooperation within the framework of augmented reality, this problem is significantly limited.


Manufacturing also is an industry that requires accuracy and precision. Augmented reality can of course be used for maintenance, but also for an interesting form of onboarding new employees, to whom you can very vividly explain many processes using augmented reality.


The use of Resco Inspections and HoloLens can be very practical for building inspectors, regulators or service technicians who can use augmented reality to increase productivity and optimize their work, e.g. by carrying out inspection and maintenance without the need for excessive use of paper and pen. Built-in forms and reports can be managed by voice, which makes the process much more flexible. Employees also have easy access to historical data, which they can use, for example, to compare previous findings and services provided.


The warehouse and the activities taking place in it are usually the place of very busy and busy people. The continuity of supply chains throughout the economy depends on the effective work of this extremely important industry. Due to the general trend of constant economic growth, it is necessary that the fluidity and throughput of work in warehouses increase, and this requires constant innovation.

HoloLens can be used by warehouse workers during various tasks. Allocation of orders, inventory control – these are complex and time-consuming processes that can be optimized using augmented reality.

For example, interactive tags allow employees to navigate more efficiently, find items easier, and receive orders faster. This saves a lot of valuable time.

Power engineering

The energy industry is another industry that can take advantage of the AR opportunities described above.

 The digital information displayed on HoloLens will help technicians navigate the repair process and provide detailed technical information, also for objects in the field such as wind turbines and even offshore such as oil rigs.

HoloLens can also be used to scan and identify defective components, as well as eliminate machine downtime.

Watch the video below to see how you can use HoloLens with the Resco Inspections app when servicing your car.


Augmented reality (AR) is still not the standard for business use, but is rapidly gaining ground due to its enormous potential. AR can help you train employees, streamline maintenance works, conducting field inspections, or provide a flexible way to report and manage workflows.

Resco Inspections in combination with HoloLens enables the full advanced experience and benefits of implementing augmented reality – into the reality of your company.

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Start using the potential of location monitoring with Resco Routes

According to a study by Flexjobs in 2018, 55% of people responsible for recruiting new employees believe that remote work is becoming more and more popular. The COVID-19 pandemic has only made this collaboration model more relevant.

According to Statista, the percentage of people who don’t work remotely even a day per week dropped from 44% to 34% in the US. At the same time, there was a huge increase of people who work remotely 5 or more days per week, from 17% to 44%.

More employees who perform their duties outside the office means that business needs to adapt its methods of collaboration and accounting of work. One of possible solutions is implementing location tracking, which is basically automatic logging of location data.

In this article, we will discuss the capabilities and advantages of Resco Routes – a dedicated Resco app for location tracking.

The main advantages of Resco Routes

  • Monitoring and planning of routes and meetings, as well as billing of working hours, all available in one application, with no need to use third-party solutions.
  • Live location monitoring enables to respond to field situations in real time.
  • Tracking is done via mobile devices i.e. smartphone, no need to purchase additional GPS devices.
  • Resco Routes can function as a standalone application, but it can be easily and quickly integrated with Microsoft 365 / CRM, enabling access to customer data, contacts, meetings and more. There is also an API allowing integration with other solutions.

How does Resco Routes work?

Location monitoring

Use the location tracking feature to track your team’s progress and be able to react to situations in the field. Tracking your team’s progress is available from the real-time position map view. By using location data, you can discover potential problems and make faster decisions.

The Time Shift feature allows to check past locations and activities, and forecast future locations based on current and past data. Thanks to this, it is possible to estimate whether a given person will finish earlier than expected and, for example, may undertake another task that will support the work of the rest of the team.

Interactive schedule board

Plan your team’s work with a fully interactive schedule board. Possibility of integration with other systems allows to use all customer data from the level of Resco Routes. This helps to decide on orders, assigning tasks and planning work from one level. Thanks to this, it is possible to efficiently unify the processes at the level of the entire company.

Scheduling tasks with Resco Routes is simple and takes place using an intuitive drag and drop mechanism. It is also possible to prepare recurring tasks and automatic planning, which saves time for those responsible for management. The multi-user task scheduling functionality means that you can assign tasks to an entire team of field workers simultaneously.

Resco Routes mobile application

Field workers receive tasks and notifications about them in their cross-platform mobile application. They can also use it to plan task and route schedules as well as to manage business trips. This allows them to spend less time reporting and more time performing their core tasks.

The app sends location data in the background, even when it’s not active. It uses the hardware capabilities of mobile devices, so there is no need to equip vehicles with additional GPS devices.

Location Monitoring Benefits

Fulfill more requests


Thanks to Resco Routes, there is no need to call each driver in order to find out which employee is closest to the customer. Instead, it is possible to just select the closest employee from the map. This saves time and fuel, as well as managing the reports themselves more efficiently.

Proof of location and backtracking options


Sometimes there is an unpleasant situation in which there is a word against the word confrontation with the client. When using Resco Routes, in such a situation you do not have to rely on the memory of individual team members, but you are able to use the data stored in the system.

Less work on reports


It will be appreciated primarily by your employees. Thanks to the data that the system tracks automatically, they will not have to prepare reports on their own. However, this is also good news for your business, as it means fewer errors and saved working-hours.

Improving the work of drivers


Your field workforce can use Resco Routes route planning capabilities. Instead of receiving a classic list with tasks and addresses every day, they can have all the information at hand from the mobile application.



Based on current data, the application can forecast the further course of the route. Thanks to this, the person managing the field workers knows in advance whether a given person will finish the route sooner or later. Thanks to this it is possible to assign an additional task to relieve the rest of the team.

Avoid vehicle downtime


Resco monitor the actual distance traveled by a given vehicle over time. This helps to properly plan the inspections or other maintenance work on the vehicle.

Easy billing


Use the data to calculate fuel costs, bill customers, or create invoices for contractors and employees that are paid according to the work done or the number of hours worked.

Optimize your processes


After some time, monitoring the work in the field translates into collecting enough data to optimize routes and the number of daily sentences. This may translate into a change in the number of employed drivers, better organization of the areas of operation of existing employees to better distribute the load, and much more.

An example of implementation in a furniture production company



The company wanted to replace the existing vehicle tracking system with a solution based on mobile devices that would combine user schedules, the specifics of working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and real-time vehicle traffic tracking.

In order to provide customers with a better service, they were looking for a solution that would be closely related to Dynamics 365 – giving them a platform with automatic notifications for customers and employees.

In addition, the company also wanted to eliminate the need to equip vehicles with additional location tracking devices.



The use of Resco Routes enabled simple and quick integration with Dynamics 365 and location monitoring functions. In addition, thanks to the fact that Resco Routes uses mobile devices such as a smartphone, the need to buy dedicated vehicle tracking equipment has been eliminated.



Full access to information via a clear interface

The company praised the ability to view planned work and all related information on the map view the most. The handy interface includes the scheduled working hours, the user’s planned arrival / departure time etc.

Accurate analysis and forecasting thanks to the Time Shift function

Time Shift is a function that allows the company to have an insight into the current movement of employees and allows to see how much time they have spent on a given task. The availability of this information improves the efficiency of the schedule analysis.

Money saved on additional devices

Resco Routes does not require the installation of additional equipment in vehicles. Thanks to this, the company saves about PLN 500 on each vehicle in its fleet.

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Microsoft Azure Capabilities. Why should you start using it?

Microsoft Azure is one of the most dynamically developing computing clouds in the world. It provides a comprehensive set of solutions that are an alternative to physical infrastructure and services. Azure Virtual Machines support all Microsoft, as well as third-party server products, including Linux distributions.