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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, start using free 6-month license now

Microsoft is continually looking at the situation related to COVID-19 and is trying to keep up to date with subsequent problems that arise from the current crisis. Provides support, among others for governments, healthcare, non-profit organizations, schools and universities. However, these are not the only areas facing problems.

The private sector is also severely affected by the crisis. That is why the decision in Redmond was taken quickly. Dynamics 365 Customer Service Trial license will be available for six months for free. It is a modern app that enables Omnichannel communication, remote work, data analysis and many other functionalities that facilitate and increase the efficiency and quality of telephone and online customer service.

The goal is to relieve Service, Contact and Call Center departments responsible for the first contact with clients. This is particularly important because they have taken over additional responsibilities that were previously spread over the other departments.

What is particularly important in the current circumstances – the implementation of this software allows combining efficient contact with customers and health and safety for employees.

What are the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Customer Service?


Contact your clients via online communicator and by phone – adapting the style and content of communication to each channel and individual customer preferences.

Remote work

Especially in the COVID-19 era, remote work is a solution to many problems. The possibility of customer service from virtually anywhere via desktop, laptop or mobile device within a coherent environment means maintaining high quality, including working from home.


Provide your employees and clients with a coherent knowledge base that will guarantee the highest quality of customer service and will enable clients to find answers to their questions independently.

Data analysis

Collecting data, analysis them and possibility to create diverse forecast scenarios based on the data provided, is an additional advantage that allows you to plan activities better, impose a correction to the current strategy and define its strengths and weaknesses.


The option of creating and using e-mail templates and suggested responses were made available to facilitate and increase the quality of work of the people responsible for customer service as a part of Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Among others, it helps to avoid situations when there is a need to create a response to similar requests from scratches.

How to start using a free 6-month Trial license?

Click HERE and contact us. We will guide you step by step through the whole process.

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Monika Siemaszko

Monika Siemaszko