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Dynamics CRM

A good CRM must facilitate the work of the seller, to support its daily operations. It should provide tools that develop his potential and motivate to execute sales plans.



Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications that combines the best features of previous Dynamics solutions - CRM and ERP. In a result it provides an access to an integrated platform that includes multiple products for business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives a broad choice of applications to facilitate one’s business conduct, depending on the current needs and the nature of company’s activity. You may choose to start with only a few available functionalities, and then adding additional modules along with company’s development and its increasing needs.

All of the available apps are designed to solve real problems and to help managing specific areas of a business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes following modules:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Field Service
  • Project Service Automation
  • Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is:

Purpose-built applications designed for different areas, industries and businesses, allow you to start working with individual modules, to build up on them and to combine them. That flexibility allows you to customize the solutions to match your needs.

Productive - Dynamics 365 increase the efficiency of your employees through the integration of business process management apps with familiar Microsoft Office 365 tools (e.g., Outlook, Excel).

Intelligent – built-in analytic tools such as Power Bi, Cortana Intelligence and Azure IoT helps customers and employees with searching, analyzing and transforming big data, making it easier to take an appropriate action and make the best decisions.

Adaptable - Dynamics 365 enables developing and expanding the range of business processes at every stage in real time, by using one modern platform. All modules cooperate with Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow.


ARP Documents Wizard is a tool for an automated document generation: from impressive presentations with a selected offer to complicated formal documents with strict rules concerning form and content. ARP Documents Wizard enables quick and effortless document generation with only few clicks.

Our tool supports not only plain text, but also pictures and tables. With its help, you will generate personalized documents with your company’s logo in a matter of seconds. ARP Documents Wizard generates a document in a form of your choosing: a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint document. Generated documents can be filled with any of the basic CRM data. If you find yourself in a need of more complex structures or calculations,  we can prepare a custom data generator specifically for you.


Delivering high quality IT dedicated systems is very difficult and requires an expertise knowledge from the whole organisation. IT_RM solution provided by ARP Ideas includes tools that support this process in all aspects. Beyond sales, we provide a service support. That means constant improvements of the products we offer, boosting customer's value and entering new markets