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 Meet the most interesting solutions from Resco

Meet the most interesting solutions from Resco

This year, we have joined the group of Resco partners, whose products are being used in small and medium-sized enterprises and international corporations all around the world. Resco apps are able to easily connect with a variety of CRM and ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, which allows a wide range of possible actions with the company’s database. 

Resco technologies are a perfect match if you need software that will efficiently support the work of your sales team or other field workers. We recommend these solutions primarily to companies which are seeking transparent and easy-to-use apps which provide permanent online and offline access to data. Below you can find a few examples of the most popular Resco products.


Resco solutions

Resco Mobile CRM – the company’s flagship product, an innovative and comprehensive solution designed for mobile devices, which allows you to work both online and offline. It provides 24/7 access to data from the CRM system from anywhere in the world.

Configuring with a smartphone or tablet provides additional functions such as making phone calls, transferring photos, signatures, creating offline reports, route planning, document management, barcode scanning and much more.

Resco Cloud – integration with this solution gives convenient access to data, browsing, creating, deleting and modifying it. It is also possible to create accounts for external users, e.g. clients, subcontractors, volunteers.

Resco Inspections – an easy-to-use app for organizing and controlling the effects of fieldwork. It enables data collection, prompt reporting, effective collaboration between team members, and tracking the progress and location of individual employees.

Resco Mobile Sales – a mobile CRM application that stores data important to sales representatives and allows access to them from a convenient app. Resco Mobile Sales includes lead management, user activity management, and email integration.

Thanks to Resco Mobiles Sales, users gain full control over the entire sales process, taking into account: personal data, contacts, meetings, tasks, leads, sales opportunities, offers, orders, invoices and more.

Resco Field Service – an app designed for users who spend a lot of time outside the office – visiting customers, carrying out field inspections, collecting data, servicing devices, etc. It is a powerful solution that supports not only typical field services but also mobile sales.

The application maintains its full functionality in offline mode, has hundreds of advanced functions, extensive configuration options. What is more, its functions are regularly updated and extended, supplemented with high-class infrastructure and reliable support.

Resco Routes – a solution that enables companies to smoothly manage field workers thanks to the possibility of quick planning, scheduling and live tracking. Besides, it also allows field workers easy access to their assigned tasks and job information.


Tailor-made solutions

Resco apps design allows their scope of functionalities to be easily expanded. Therefore, if the default version does not meet all your needs, we as a certified Resco partner are ready to modify them for you.

Contact us using the form HERE, call us at +48 61 624 86 40, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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