We provide our clients with specialists or entire teams of IT experts. Leverage their knowledge and experience.


We create innovative IT solutions for business, supported by the strength of Microsoft technology. Easy to implement, use and available from anywhere thanks to the cloud.


Raising the effectiveness of your business is the main result of our partnership, as a client’s satisfaction is always the best recommendation.

Our specializations

We provide the highest quality solutions backed up with technologies adjusted to the needs of your business.

  • MS Dynamics 365
  • MS Azure
  • MS SharePoint
  • Power Platform
  • Custom Solutions
  • Audit & Consulting

Our leaders

At the helm of a qualified team, they will help you achieve your business goals.


architect, innovator, visionary

A visionary full of ideas for achieving the most difficult or apparently unreal goals. Always ready to answer specific questions and do things others are not capable of. A true aficionado of new technologies and out-of-the-box, innovative solutions.

Ambroży is an architect of solutions built on the Microsoft Azure platform and Microsoft Office 365, specifically Microsoft SharePoint.

Ambroży has a big experience in building solutions for the real estate development industry. He is one of the creators of the ARP Estate Extension systems, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Throughout his career, he has worked with many ERP systems, and gained knowledge and skills of Enterprise solutions’ integration.


agent, leader, player

Technical leader with a cold, analytical mindset as well as deep understanding of business and technology. All this makes Paweł a superb agent between a client and the team. Highly motivated able to think clearly even in the most difficult situations. Paweł is one of our certified Microsoft specialists. He is a perfect match for complex projects with high levels of sophistication.

Paweł specializes in systems from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 family and in delivering web applications for business based on the full Microsoft .NET Framework technology stack.

One of the biggest accomplishments in Paweł’s career is the implementation of a fully integrated customer care system for Ecco Shoes, entirely compliant with the GDPR directive.


analyst, organizer, partner

Partner of client representatives and the IT department with huge experience in building software and business. As a great organizer, he is able to listen, analyze and recognize the actual problem. Accurately defines the pros and cons of given solutions, thus being able to propose the best scenarios.

Battle-proven in working with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power Platform and ASP.NET. Armed with practical knowledge of integration with ERP systems.

Creator of an e-learning system for universities as well as document circulation & time tracking tools for law firms. He took part in building and maintenance of solutions supporting the work of regional service groups. Swegon, a global supplier of ventilation and indoor climate systems.

Build your team with our experts

After analyzing your needs, we will select a solid team of experts, armed with competencies to realize your project the way it deserves.

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Business models

Depending on our clients’ needs and project specs, we offer various business models:


We delegate a person skilled to complete the assigned tasks, no matter if you need a programmer or a technical consultant.

Tailored solution

We have implemented:

The solution we have put into effect supports the management of communication with Ecco’s European clients through Customer Care and Omnichannel systems.








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What our clients say

“Thanks to the solutions brought by ARP Ideas, our work became simpler. The implementation of the Dynamics CRM not only helped us improve the standard of our services, but above all boosted our sales”

Urszula Ostas
Head of the customer service department
#DynamicsCRM2015 #ARPEstateExtension #SharePoint #ArpFramework #IntegratorAccounting

“Besides the high quality they offer, they are a team you simply want to work with!”

Kinga Birecka
Customer Relations Director Marmite
#DynamicsCRM365 #SharePoint

“They do not only introduce new solutions, but also lead us through the entire process of their implementation, as well as advise on improving those we have used so far. Full package!”

Grzegorz Grupiński
Marketing and Sales Support Manager
#SharePoint #DynamicsCRM

“Their creativity and individual approach made ARP Ideas perfectly adjust the CRM to our company’s needs.”

Joanna Rusinek
Analysis & Implementation Specialist
#DynamicsCRM2013 #IntegratorComarchERP

“They are not only fast and reliable, but also able to challenge the ordinary ways of thinking!”

Michael Ynill
WMS Manager
#CustomApplication #.NET #MicrosoftSQL

“We were surprised that such advanced and sophisticated solutions could be implemented so quickly.”

Mirosław Karasiewicz
Information System Specialist Bridgestone
#CustomApplication #.NET #SharePoint

“The tools we have implemented with ARP Ideas have enabled us to enter a completely new level of services. Process automation helped us outrun competition.”

Mikołaj Wołodko
Service Director Swegon


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