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ARP Ideas starts collaboration with Resco

ARP Ideas starts collaboration with Resco

We are continually trying to expand the range of innovative solutions and opportunities that we provide to our clients. That is why we have started a collaboration with Resco, thus joining the group of its partners.

Resco is a Slovak company founded in 1999. Currently, their headquarters are in Bratislava and Boston. Currently, Resco enterprise solutions exceeded a total of 250 000 licensed users and were implemented in over 2 500 companies around the world.

For the last decade, their flagship product has been Resco Mobile CRM, an innovative solution that has contributed to the growing popularity of Resco in the global technology services market.

Building on the success of Resco Mobile CRM, the company has developed new flagship solutions and products for various industries: Resco Inspections, Resco Mobile Sales, Resco Field Service, Resco Routes, and City Smart Services.

What is Resco Mobile CRM?

Resco Mobile CRM is a comprehensive solution designed for mobile devices that allows you to work even in offline conditions. It provides 24-hour access to your CRM data from anywhere in the world.

Integration with Resco Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365, or Salesforce provides convenient access to data, viewing, creating, deleting, and modifying it. It is also possible to create accounts for external users, i.e. customers, subcontractors, volunteers.

Leveraging smartphones, tablets, or wearables provide additional capabilities such as tracking phone calls, sending photos, signatures, creating offline reports, route planning, document management, barcode scanning, and many more.

Additionally, Resco enables to connect each of their products with other CRM and ERP systems, which further empowers a broad spectrum of activities based on the company’s database.

Thanks to these functionalities, Resco Mobile CRM is an ideal tool for sales teams, field workers, and those for whom ease of use, transparency, friendly interface, and ongoing data management is of great importance.

Resco Mobile CRM is used across small and medium businesses as well as international corporations.

Resco Mobile CRM system is designed to allow extensive customizations to easily expand and tailor its functionality. Therefore, if the out-of-the-box version does not meet all of your company’s needs, ARP Ideas as a certified Resco partner can build virtually any solution to fit your requirements.

Do you want to implement Resco solutions in your company?

Contact us using the form HERE, call us at +48 61 624 86 40, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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