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What problems of the sales department are solved by the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365?

What problems of the sales department are solved by the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Every company, sooner or later faces the challenge of implementing a Customer Relationships Managament system in an organization to cope with the business challenges every organization has to face. On our website, you can find a few articles in which we have already answered key questions regarding this issue. 

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This time we have decided to describe the most critical problems that are solved by one of the most popular CRM systems in the world, and which we have implemented in the companies of many of our clients – Microsoft Dynamics 365.

For this purpose, we have prepared a list of typical problems faced and the key business processes that were present in the companies that have decided to implement Dynamics 365 and were answered with accurate business solutions with this system.

1. Arranging clutter in the database

Telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, personal data, addresses and company names. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can have all this information assigned to the appropriate person or company, and saved in one place.
Thanks to the use of the cloud, access to data will be constant, immediate and possible from anywhere in the world. It also allows you to avoid the risk of data loss associated with possible hardware failure.
Dynamics also has a built-in duplicate detection mechanism that works both when importing data and when creating new records, which additionally supports the hygiene of data.

2. Scheduling, updating and reminding about appointments

Planning meetings in the e-calendar is one of the most frequently used functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365. It allows to check the availability of individual participants, inform about the place and date of the meeting, automatically reminds about the meeting, and also allows to quickly inform all interested people about any changes.

3. Scheduling tasks

Dynamics 365 also has a tool for scheduling tasks. This allows managing work – assigning tasks, setting deadlines for their implementation, assigning appropriate people and projects to them.

Thanks to the default integration with Microsoft Outlook, all tasks go to the calendars of the involved people, and they receive automatic reminders in advance.

4. Preparation of documentation

In Dynamics 365, you are able to prepare ready-made document templates, which can contain permanent elements, such as a company logo, introduction about the company and watermarks.

Dynamic fields are inserted between the fixed elements, in which there may be items such as personal data, content of the offer, product description, title, address, etc. Moreover, this data can be imported directly from the CRM system.

Besides, we have developed our proprietary Documents Wizard solution, which is a module for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Our tool extends the possibilities of automated document generation. It imports data directly from the CRM system, allowing to prepare an offer or create an invoice within a few clicks. It is also possible to export data from multiple fields and prepare indirect calculations on CRM data to generate comprehensive documents.

5. Sales forecasting

Dynamics 365 can also be responsible for sales forecasting and planning of production and purchase of resources based on ongoing sales opportunities.

Thanks to the integration with the ERP system (i.e. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central) and the integration of marketing and sales activities, the system can predict customer demand for products, production load and the need for raw materials.

This makes the work easier not only for the purchasing and production department but also for financial analysis because collecting the above information significantly facilitates, i.e. the ongoing analysis of the company’s cash flow. At the same time sales managers were able to take confident business decisions that wer profitable for the whole organization.

6. Reporting and analysis

If you are actively using Dynamics 365, it will be provided with all the data needed for reporting regularly. Thanks to this, generating reports is possible with a few clicks. You just need to open them. 

A person responsible for sales management has an ongoing overview of what a given salesperson is doing, what are the best sales opportunities, whether she or he is going to quarterly goals, etc. The Dynamics 365 sales module also includes advanced and intelligent tools for analyzing the entered data.

It is worth noting that it is also easier to report work because the CRM system includes a repository of tasks performed by the team. As a result, the person responsible for management is informed on an ongoing basis at what stage of the performance of a given task or contact with the client are individual employees.

7. Defining processes

In Dynamics 365, you can describe the individual steps that are usually going through to complete a given task. As a result, the system will automatically ask employees to take these steps when faced with this type of task in the future.

Organizing the sales process will facilitate its analysis, reporting and, very significantly, will reduce the entry barrier for new members of the sales team.

8. Remote work and cooperation of various departments

The implementation of Dynamics 365 facilitates the flow of information between individuals and departments.

Since the data necessary for the proper performance of the entrusted tasks are stored in the cloud, access to them is possible all the time, practically from anywhere in the world. All you need is internet access.

This translates into better coordination of the work of individual employees, teams and even entire departments.

9. Analysis of the sales funnel

Dynamics 365 allows you to check the quantity, characteristics and the stage of each sales opportunity that fell into the sales funnel on an ongoing basis. All the valuable insights that will boost business productivity of your company – in one place.

It is possible to determine the potential of individual sales opportunities, the problems that are blocking the finalization of sales, and precisely define the steps that should be taken to bring the transaction to closure.

What is more, CRM will help to determine the right moment to contact the lead to maintain communication continuity and strengthen the relationship. With the help of Dynamics 365 Marketing it can translate into increase of your marketing capabilities, better marketing campaigns and smoothing of the entire sales cycle.

10. Analysis of the lead sources

This makes it easier to decide on which channels of communication with potential customers to spend more time, effort and resources to fully use them, in which to limit the expenditure due to low efficiency, and which to abandon completely. Thanks to this you can decide how to acquire more leads to your sales pipeline – if you want to focus more on ads, social media or for instance email marketing.

11. Work efficiency

Tasks carried out with the support of the CRM system can be automated to some extent, and thus save the time necessary for their execution. The need to prepare reports and manually save essential information about customers is largely reduced. That streamlines project management process and makes lifes of the project managers much easier.

Of course, at the very beginning of working with a given customer, a certain amount of time is required to enter data into Dynamics 365, but it is an investment that pays off in a short time.

It is also important to mention the impact that the 360 ​​view has on work efficiency, as it provides a comprehensive view of the history with a customer. As a result, the salesperson, when contacting the customer, is aware of potential opportunities or threats. 

In example, if the customer has made numerous complaints in the recent past – salesperson knows that he or she has to be ready to mitigate the situation, but if the communication was successful – the same employee is aware that it might be a good opportunity to try additional sales. 

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