E-com Trustpilot Integration


Products & Services taken

  • Trustpilot Integration
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Company Overview

Our Client is an international company that designs, manufactures, and sells products. It operates retail stores in more than 90 countries and sells its products through various channels, including department stores, online retailers, and its own e-commerce platform. The company ensures a very high customer experience.


The company sells products all over the world, and the challenge was to increase customer service and get customer experience from every purchase. They wanted an automatic system that would ask clients to place reviews on their products so they could improve their service and work with negative experiences. They also wanted these reviews to be listed on the website, including product pages.

The biggest challenge was getting relevant customer feedback. When it's difficult for customers to share their experiences, getting enough feedback is hard. The company wanted this process to be as easy as possible. They also wanted to track transactions and product feedback, reducing the risk of confusion for customers, while ensuring GDPR compliance.


First, we decided that all reviews will be listed on third party platform Trustpilot to increase the customers' confidence. All the products are required to be listed on Trustpilot and updated in real-time.

Every interaction the customer has with company should enable them to share their opinion.  At the same time, the customer service team needs to be able to respond quickly to customer feedback.


As a customer, you can place a review on Trustpilot on your own, but it takes time to find the exact product you need. This results in only general feedback from customers. To help clients with it and collect more accurate data, the system should provide a link to a dedicated product page just after delivery.


  • The automated workflow asking customers to share a review of a product they have already purchased. After delivery, customers receive an email with a dedicated link to Trustpilot.
  • Client receives the link containing encrypted information about the product they purchased and their personal data. This allows GDPR compliance regulations and makes it easy for customers.
  • The system is integrated with Dynamics 365, and all communication and reviews are assigned to dedicated clients and purchases.
  • Different workflows are triggered based on the review score (1 to 5). For example, if the client places a score 3 or below, a dedicated customer manager receives a task to investigate the client’s experience and provide feedback to him. Communication is managed in Dynamics 365 but published on Trustpilot.


  • Our Client gained more than 1 000 reviews every month
  • Live updated reviews on the website helps to share word of mouth and increase trust in the brand.   
  • Increased quality of products
  • Increased quality of customer service

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