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Microsoft Solutions


Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales is a CRM class system. It is designed to help sales teams automate and streamline their sales processes, manage customer information, and gain insights into sales performance.

ARP Ideas implements this system for sales departments by providing a dedicated solution. Based on years of experience, we advise how to organize processes and carefully design the system. As a result, we provide an user-friendly system system to make CRM easy to use on a daily basis. Technical expertise allows us to create well-integrated solutions to provide sellers with the necessary information.

Our solutions allow to organize processes and provide data on how to manage sales department work.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a solution for customer service departments. Implementing the system improves the quality of service and allows to solve customer problems better.

Using our experience in this area, we can offer to build a comprehensive solution. The department's employees will be more efficient with a system that is intuitive to use and provides all the information they need. Department managers will receive data for analysis and a set of tools for process improvement.

A well-implemented system can increase the quality of customer service, improve daily work and, consequently, build better relationships and customer loyalty.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a comprehensive Automation solution designed to support organizations in conducting marketing activities, branding activities and acquiring leads.

The Marketing module is fully integrated with other Dynamics 365 modules. The system offers a full range of functionality including a web portal for landing pages, a survey mechanism, a webinar solution, etc. In addition, it is equipped withintuitive tools to automate daily work.

By implementing the platform integrated with the Sales module, we can better measure the effectiveness of marketing. In addition, the implementation will make it easier to take care of compliance with RODO (GDPR) regulations.

Business Central

Business Central is an ERP system for small and medium-sized businesses from Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite. It allows organizations to manage their financials, supply chain, and operations in an integrated and customizable way, from financials, sales, purchase, inventory, project management, services, and manufacturing.

It helps customers streamline and automate their financials, supply chain, and operations. It provides real-time visibility and control over business operations, improving decision-making through better access to data and insights, and helps in better customer engagement and relationship management through Sales, Marketing and Service Management functionality.

ARP Ideas helps to integrate Business Central with Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Care to create an even more robust and comprehensive business management system.

Azure Cloud

Azure is a platform that allows you to run applications and services in the cloud. Azure offers a wide range of services, including computing, storage, databases, networking, authentication, and more.

ARP Ideas uses AZURE to build dedicated solutions to meet customer needs. In Azure, we can create portals for complex e-commerce or simple systems for dedicated tasks. We can automate processes and integrate systems.

ARP Ideas has many off-the-shelf solutions and pre-built components to speed up implementation and build cost-effective and scalable solutions in Cloud.


Microsoft SharePoint and Teams are ideal solutions for office collaboration. Office 365 helps to coordinate work, exchange documents, process approvals, and ask for consultations. The suite also includes email, calendars, and task lists. The entire platform is integrated and allows you to build a modern workspace. ARP Ideas creates dedicated applications, integrates Office 365 with other solutions, and provides consulting and training. The platform can be used for:

  • document workflow
  • electronic signatures
  • ISO process handling
  • RODO (GDPR) procedures.
The platform that can help customers by allowing them to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organization. Office 365 often acts as a document repository and intranet. The solution is intuitive to use and integrated with Microsoft Office.

SharePoint can also be used to build custom business solutions, and create internal and external facing websites.

Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform is a low-code, no-code platform that allows users to create custom business apps, automate workflows, and analyze data. The Power Platform offers extensive possibilities, especially when combined and connected with other Microsoft cloud solutions such as Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure

  • Power BI– To gather, analyse and visualise data
  • Power Automate– To automate and build intelligent workflows
  • Power Apps– To create low/no-code business applications
  • Power Virtual Agents– to easily build AI chatbots.
Ready-made components make it possible to build simple solutions for which a classical implementation would be too expensive. ARP Ideas deliver them as workshops so that users develop them themselves in the future or solve other similar problems.
The platform also offers components for building large business applications. Power App can also be integrated with other Microsoft 365 modules or dedicated applications implemented on the AZURE platform.

Partner's Solutions



Dotdigital is a customer engagement platform that helps businesses to connect with their customers through various channels such as email, SMS, social media, and more. The platform includes tools for personalization, automation, and analytics, which are designed to help businesses increase customer engagement, conversion rates, and revenue.
Dotdigital provides its services to companies of all sizes and industries, including retail, finance, healthcare, and more. Dotdigital's customer engagement platform helps businesses to connect with customers in a variety of ways, including:

  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Personalization
  • Automation
  • Analytics
Platform can be fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 products and complement CRM system to provide effective and powerful marketing tool.


Thanks to the cooperation with the Slovak company Resco, we have the opportunity to supplement our offer with additional, high-class products that can be both independent tools and expand the capabilities of systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365.  

The company's flagship product is Resco Mobile Sales, an innovative solution that has contributed to the growing popularity of Resco in the technical services market. It is designed for mobile devices, and above all, it allows you to work in offline conditions. It provides 24/7 access to CRM data from anywhere in the world.  

Other products proposed by Resco are Inspections, Field Service, or Resco Routes, detailed descriptions of which can be found on our website. 

Own Solutions

ARP Warehouse Management Application

ARP.WMA is a system that provides an easy-to-use interface for the ERP system.  It allows using optimised equipment to perform simple repetitive tasks. ARP.WMA supports production and warehouse processes.  

We have extensive experience in designing Warehouse Management systems that allow for comprehensive management of products movement in warehouses. We create modern tools enabling control, coordination, and, above all, optimization of processes that are of key importance for the efficient operation of warehouses, production, and supply management. We organize processes from reception management through location management, and inventory control to shipping.  

The possibility of full integration with the ERP class system allows for complete control of the flow of goods in the company, order management and the completion of administrative activities. 

ARP Real Estate Extension

ARP Estate Extensions is a tool for residential developers based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, supporting the industry-specific process of selling real estate, from the first contact with the client to after-sales service. 

It allows you to manage the sale of real estate, taking into account all stages of the sale, from collecting customer needs through investment management, repayment schedule, arrears, and discounts to contract annexes. The system allows you to automatically generate offers and contracts based on available customer data. Everything is based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. 

ARP Document Wizard

Documents Wizard is a module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that allows you to automate the process of generating documents. It draws data directly from the CRM system, which allows you to prepare offers or issue invoices with a few clicks.  

This tool does not have the limitations of the standard generator that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is equipped with. It allows you to export data from many entities and prepare intermediate calculations on data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to generate comprehensive documents based on the entered templates. 

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