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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a powerful business application that uses in-built intelligence to enable businesses deliver faster, personalised support to their customers. It saves a huge amount of your team's time that would normally be spent on admin-based tasks and can help your business to build and retain strong customer relationships. ARP Ideas is Microsoft Dynamics 365 certified partner and have a proven track record of tailoring and implementing Dynamics 365 for Customer Service across many different verticals
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables efficient customer service management. The system is perfect for areas that require solving issues reported by customers in the field of:

  • Questions about products
  • Purchase realization
  • Delivery process
  • Complaints, repair service
  • Additional services.
The system offers functionalities such as queues, SLAs, omnichannel communication and knowledge base, which makes customer service more efficient. Dynamics delivers also 360° view of the customer for agents helping them to provide better service. This system can be easily integrated witch e-commerce platforms, Call Center/Voip or any ERP systems.
The Customer Service module improves the work of customer advisors through access to dashboards containing queues of issues and their priorities. One agent can be assigned to several queues. The agent can also receive live-chat calls from customers while having access to customer history.

Advantages of Customer Service Module:

  • A unified standard of customer service,
  • Full history of the customer and their activities,
  • Full integration within the Dynamics environment, plus Office and social media,
  • Creation of customized rules, processes and notifications,
  • The knowledge base from which employees can get hints concerning solved cases of similar scope (factual articles),
  • Creation of advanced reports.

How unified routing works?

Unified routing is a sophisticated and efficient routing solution that can effectively match incoming work items with the right agents based on the requirements of the work and the capabilities of the agents. This enterprise-level routing and assignment technology ensures a smooth and optimized distribution of work across the workforce.

With unified routing, all service requests can be routed on any channel, resulting in a unified view of the workforce utilization across various channels. It operates in a fully omnichannel manner, ensuring that work items on all channels are handled consistently and equitably. The engagement of agents on different channels is considered before assigning new tasks to them.
The unified routing process consists of two phases: classification and assignment. In the classification stage, rules and machine learning algorithms can be utilized to gather information about the work item, which can then be used to identify the most appropriate agent.

During the assignment stage, the service requests are prioritized and then assigned to the agents based on the nature of the work, related entities, agent skills, and the current state of the agent workforce in terms of availability and workload.

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