Microsoft Sales Copilot

Empower your sales team with intelligent assistant
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Cut the busywork

Prioritise relationship-building as AI streamlines your workflow, automating tasks like generating emails, summarizing meetings, and handling data collection and entry.

Connect the data

Boost productivity with actionable insights integrated into your workflow, leveraging data from Microsoft 365 apps and virtually any CRM system.

Close the sale

Maintain progress with AI-driven analytics offering timely recommendations and reminders.
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Microsoft Sales Copilot is designed to revolutionize the sales process by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. It aims to improve sales productivity by providing sellers with timely data and insights, ensuring they can focus on their core task: selling.

  • Get AI-generated lead summaries for a quick overview of potential sales.
  • Prepare for meetings with recent email summaries and generate follow-up emails effortlessly.
  • Receive real-time coaching tips during Teams meetings for effective customer interactions.
  • Compose emails faster with content suggestions based on Outlook and CRM data.
  • Collaborate in Teams channels linked to your CRM for seamless communication.
  • Trust in Microsoft's commitment to responsible AI, ensuring data safety and content accuracy.
With Microsoft Sales Copilot, businesses can leverage AI to refine their sales approach, build stronger customer connections, and boost growth.

Main Benefits


Efficient Lead Management

AI-generated lead summaries provide a snapshot of potential sales, streamlining the sales process and enabling teams to prioritize effectively.

Unified Communication

Real-time coaching tips during Teams meetings and CRM-linked Teams channels ensure a cohesive sales experience, enhancing team collaboration.

Boosted Sales Productivity

With recent email summaries and AI-driven content suggestions, sales teams can focus on meaningful interactions, driving efficiency and results.

Deepened Customer Insights

Intelligent insights from Microsoft Sales Copilot empower sales teams to understand customer needs, facilitating quicker deal closures.

Automated Email Assistance

Generate follow-up emails effortlessly and compose messages faster with AI-driven content suggestions, ensuring consistent and effective communication.

Trustworthy AI Integration

Microsoft's commitment to responsible AI ensures that the insights and suggestions provided are accurate, reliable, and aligned with ethical standards.

What we can offer?

Harnessing the capabilities of Microsoft Sales Copilot can redefine your sales approach. Our team ensures that this advanced sales technology integrates seamlessly with your CRM ecosystem, whether it's Dynamics 365 or another platform.

  • Customised Integration
  • Training and Guidance
  • Performance Tuning
  • Regular Enhancements and Patches
  • Robust Security Measures
  • Data Analytics and Insights
  • Continuous Support
  • Strategic Consultation
  • Migration Assistance

With ARP Ideas, you can be confident that your CRM system will be enhanced by the power of Microsoft Sales Copilot, driving productivity, improving customer relationships, and boosting your bottom line. Let us help you transform your sales process with the power of AI and automation.


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Sales Copilot provides real-time insights, automates routine tasks, and offers intelligent recommendations, enabling sales teams to make informed decisions and streamline their workflows.