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 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales insights overview

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales insights overview

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights is an add-on to Dynamics 365 that enables sales team to use the potential of artificial intelligence. It uses data from Dynamics 365 and thanks to AI provides deeper insight.

As a result, it allows better understanding of business relations, better and more accurate analysis and evaluation of the activities, and helps to choose a better strategy for the future. It also helps to develop and maintain good relationships with customers, making quick decisions and closing sales opportunities – basing on data analysis.

Why should you start using Dynamics 365 Sales Insights?

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights provides companies with assistance in making the right decisions and attracting new customers, thanks to the support of artificial intelligence.

The forecasting and prioritization function allows predicting customer decisions. That is a real sales accelerator that enables more efficient work by allowing salespeople to focus on leads and opportunities with the greatest potential while being able to lower priority to potential dead-ends. There’s also a Mobile Assistant that makes it easy to work on the go – no matter the time or place.

AI will suggest optimal answers to customers at a given stage of the sales funnel and the relationship with them. It will also help initiate a conversation in an appropriate way, suggest optimal answers and remind you of the right moment to interact with a potential customer.

As a result, it helps to significantly facilitate the management of the sales team and increase its overall efficiency.

What are the key features of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights?

1. Assistant

Assistant (formerly Relationship Assistant) is one of the most interesting parts of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights. Assistant helps users with daily actions and communication. It allows to work more efficiently thanks to the use of analysis scorecards that provide relevant and useful detailed information.

The most important ways an assistant reminds of current activities:

  • Evaluation of communication and notifications when a contact has been inactive for a period of time.
  • Indicating e-mails that require or may require a reply.
  • Notifications that an opportunity is near its closing date.

Assistant works by analyzing the data in the system and providing analysis scorecards, on the basis of which it provides the user with messages summarizing the contents of a given card and predefines recommended actions.

For example – users can receive notifications about upcoming meetings with detailed information on them, sales statistics, reminders about contacting with customers, and the ability to contact customers directly from the Assistant, bypassing, for example, Outlook or other communication areas.

At the same time the Dynamics 365 administrator has an access to many advanced variants of analysis cards that can be shared with each user. Admin also has an ability to create new templates for the above-mentioned cards from the back-end.

2. Premium Auto Capture

Premium Auto Capture helps sellers to focus on sales rather than updating data in Dynamics 365 Sales and recording all customer activities in the system.

In addition it helps with suggestions for optimal activities based on e-mails and meetings captured by Auto Capture, Auto Capture also provides suggestions for creating new contacts.

3. Notes Analysis

Notes Analysis provides Dynamics 365 users with suggestions based on previous actions taken in the context of a given client. When such activities as sending an e-mail, calling, executing a task, preparing or entering a note, or taking any other activity of this sort – Analysis function automatically analyzes the descriptions contained in the above-mentioned places and generates suggestions supported by artificial intelligence. On their basis, an employee can take actions such as inviting a client to a meeting or saving a contact in the CRM system.

4. Relationship Analytics

Thanks to this functionality, the user obtains information on the general state of the customer relationships and business relationships. Relationship Analytics collects information about key performance indicators (KPIs), histories of past interactions and activities, and then presents them graphically in Dynamics 365.

All business relationships and customer relationships are assessed based on analysis of data stored in Dynamics 365 for a given contact, event, company or organization, meeting, or email. The results of the analysis and indicators are presented in the system in the form of clear pie charts.

5. Lead scoring

With Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, users also gain the ability to configure lead evaluation models. It is worth noting that the creation of such a model requires a minimum of 40 previously qualified or disqualified leads.

Lead scoring helps sales teams focus more on optimal activities that help to generate revenue. Based on the assessment of leads, user can prioritize activities related to potential customers more precisely.

Lead scoring operates on a scale of 1 to 100 and relates to the probability of their further conversion.

6. Premium Forecasting

Premium Forecasting gives sellers and leaders of sales teams access to a tool that enables more accurate than ever forecasting of potential results and revenues. For this purpose, Dynamics 365 Sales Insights uses models based on artificial intelligence that analyze a given sales funnel and historical events that took place in it. As a result, the user receives a more precise forecast than when using conventional methods.

7. Talking points

This functionality helps sellers to deepen their relationships with customers. Thanks to it, users can interact with the clients in the form of a conversation on side topics that the tool suggests on the basis of previous conversations. These may include sports, entertainment or other topics of potential interest to the client. This is a particularly useful tool for salespeople who work with more customers.

How to buy Dynamics 365 Sales Insights?

If you already have a Dynamics 365 for Sales license – Sales Insights is available in the form of a ready-to-implement add-on, the installation and configuration of which is quite simple.

Do you want to learn more about Microsoft Sales Insights or implement this solution in your company?

As a Gold Microsoft Partner, we are ready to help you go through every stage of the implementation of this solution. We will also advise you on how to use them optimally in your company.

Contact us using the form HERE, call us at +48 61 624 86 40, or e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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