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Augmented reality and interactive video calls – use the potential of AR, thanks to Resco applications

Augmented reality and interactive video calls – use the potential of AR, thanks to Resco applications

The Slovak company Resco provides its customers with many mobile solutions extending the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Its flagship product – Resco Mobile CRM is an innovative solution facilitating field work with the mobile CRM system.

Other important Resco applications based on Resco Mobile CRM include Resco Inspections, Resco Mobiles Sales, Resco Field Service or Resco Routes – more information about most of them can be found in the articles on our website.

General overview of Resco products

Resco Mobile Sales

Resco Inspections

Resco Routes

Today we would like to discuss the potential and possibilities of using augmented reality basing on innovative solutions provided by Resco.

Resco Houston

Resco Houston is a video-based remote assistance feature that connects the user, usually a technician who is currently working in the field, with a remote expert who can advise him on how to fix the problem.

The recipient of the call can draw instructions on video, using augmented reality, to clearly help the technician, speed up the repair process and reduce downtime for a machine or device that has broken down. The ability to visually visualize the problem significantly facilitates communication and avoids misunderstandings that could occur in the case of traditional telephone contact.

Access to Houston is included under the Standard license and the Inspections license. You can use it using an ordinary iOS and Android smartphone, as well as from the level of a web application.

To use augmented reality, your device must support one of the following features:

– ARKit for Apple devices – requires iOS 11 or later,

– ARCore for devices running on Android,

In case of the absence of AR support, video calling functionality can still be used, but the expert helping the tech person has no way to draw on video.

Importantly – the recipient’s mobile device does not need to use ARKit to draw on the film. Resco Houston can run on the backend of Resco Cloud, Dynamics and SalesForce.

Use of HoloLens

The use of a video connection from the smartphone level significantly facilitates cooperation between the substantive support, which works from the company’s headquarters, and the technical people working in the field. However, this is not the peak of the Resco application.

Both Resco Mobile CRM, but also other Resco mobile applications, such as Resco Inspections, can use the enormous potential of Microsoft HoloLens, far beyond the capabilities of the above-described drawing on a video image. Below are examples of a few industries in which the use of HoloLens and Resco applications may be of particular importance.


In the aerospace industry, precision, accuracy and consistency are of particular importance. The requirements for the quality of repair and maintenance work are enormous. So is the responsibility of those who carry them out. The size and complexity of the controlled object are also a huge obstacle in cooperation, which significantly hinder the team from cooperating and performing tasks synchronously. In the case of the possibility of sharing and cooperation within the framework of augmented reality, this problem is significantly limited.


Manufacturing also is an industry that requires accuracy and precision. Augmented reality can of course be used for maintenance, but also for an interesting form of onboarding new employees, to whom you can very vividly explain many processes using augmented reality.


The use of Resco Inspections and HoloLens can be very practical for building inspectors, regulators or service technicians who can use augmented reality to increase productivity and optimize their work, e.g. by carrying out inspection and maintenance without the need for excessive use of paper and pen. Built-in forms and reports can be managed by voice, which makes the process much more flexible. Employees also have easy access to historical data, which they can use, for example, to compare previous findings and services provided.


The warehouse and the activities taking place in it are usually the place of very busy and busy people. The continuity of supply chains throughout the economy depends on the effective work of this extremely important industry. Due to the general trend of constant economic growth, it is necessary that the fluidity and throughput of work in warehouses increase, and this requires constant innovation.

HoloLens can be used by warehouse workers during various tasks. Allocation of orders, inventory control – these are complex and time-consuming processes that can be optimized using augmented reality.

For example, interactive tags allow employees to navigate more efficiently, find items easier, and receive orders faster. This saves a lot of valuable time.

Power engineering

The energy industry is another industry that can take advantage of the AR opportunities described above.

 The digital information displayed on HoloLens will help technicians navigate the repair process and provide detailed technical information, also for objects in the field such as wind turbines and even offshore such as oil rigs.

HoloLens can also be used to scan and identify defective components, as well as eliminate machine downtime.

Watch the video below to see how you can use HoloLens with the Resco Inspections app when servicing your car.


Augmented reality (AR) is still not the standard for business use, but is rapidly gaining ground due to its enormous potential. AR can help you train employees, streamline maintenance works, conducting field inspections, or provide a flexible way to report and manage workflows.

Resco Inspections in combination with HoloLens enables the full advanced experience and benefits of implementing augmented reality – into the reality of your company.

Do you want to learn more or talk about the potential of Resco solutions?

We are happy to know your needs and suggest the optimal solution. Contact us using the form HERE, call us at +48 61 624 86 40, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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